In watching on TV, and reading in the newspapers about all the trouble involving law enforcement officers being shot and killed all across the United States on their jobs in trying to protect our citizens has gone far enough. Most all of these officers have young families and in 2016, one hundred forty four (144) were slain in this country alone, and I for one am sickened over seeing on TV, funerals involving these dedicated men dying and leaving their spouses, and children having to grow up without their dad or moms.

One morning I was in my car driving to the post office and noticed two Police squad cars on a side street parked opposite directions next to each other, so the policemen could talk to each other without using the radio or leaving their car. I thought to myself, they are sitting Ducks if anyone would want to shoot them while their sitting in their cars. Then, I spoke out loud, and I asked The Lord  what can I do to help stop this carnage from going on.


Immediately, that minute, God impressed upon my mind & heart to read Psalm 91. I then opened my little Gideon personal bible I carry in the car with me and read what Psalm 91 said. I drove home and started to research what I could find out about this verse of protection on Google.  Surprisingly I found a lot of interesting information on Psalm 91.


I know that God will honor his word whether it be in His promises or prophecies. He is the same yesterday, today, or tomorrow. He never changes. However, if we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior without doubting His word, we can have the same protection the soldiers did as in the Psalm 91 story.



Romans Ch 13: vs 1-4  

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